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Turtle weighs about 200 kg in Nghe An extinction

Leatherback turtles typically live mainly off the world's oceans, but are rarely caught. In Vietnam, people often see these turtles in Do Son, Khanh Hoa, Phu Quoc and Con Dao.

Day 1 / 5, fishermen Tien Thuy (Quynh Luu district, Nghe An) while sailing turtle found washed ashore. Mr. Nguyen Chi Liang, director of fisheries resources protection Nghe An, said the turtle on the 1.5 m long, about 1 m across, weighs 230kg and has eight terms in the future.
Unlike other sea turtles, leatherbacks do not have classes tomorrow hard. Photo: CTV.
"After identifying the species of turtle is rare in the Red Book should have lobbied the department's drop in the sea on 3 / 5", Mr Liang said.
The scientists said the turtle was caught in Nghe An turtles, animals on the list of Red Book, is on the verge of extinction and need protection.
Disconnect professor said, the world within 400 years (from 1558 to 1958) was just getting all 40 children. Left in our country from 1957 to 1978 caught six children, then do not anymore, until 1 / 5 when fishermen caught leatherbacks Nghe An and brought ashore.
"Therefore, if these animals, people need to tell the nature protection organizations. Also, when you see their spawning needs careful protection, not exploitation of human eggs for them to maintain" Professor Wrap noted.
According to Professor Le Nguyen Break (lecturer of Biology, University of Hanoi), turtles were caught by fishermen in Nghe An is a species of leatherback turtles, Dermochelys coriacea scientific name. The back of the turtle skin is covered with smooth skin, 7 molding runs along the back with white spots. According to him, leatherback turtles are listed in Vietnam's Red Book in 2007, which are extremely rare worldwide, is facing extinction at an alarming rate high.
Organization for Nature International (WWF) is also concerned about the rapid decline in number of turtles, causing them to face the risk of extinction even existed over a hundred million years. Research by WWF shows that each year hundreds of turtles body found on beach, many people find baby turtles in the nest, but only 1 or 2 children living among them.
WWF is cause by man-hunting net and stealing eggs in their nests, especially tuna fishing activities and swordfish are the biggest threat to turtle skin.
Besides humans, turtles are also faced with disease and pollution of the environment. Many species have died from swallowing plastic bags, garbage. Only in the period from 1980 to 1990, sea turtles in the Indo-Pacific region dropped more than 90%. The WWF conservation experts recommend that people should be aware of environmental protection to the beach for nesting turtles.

Union of International Conservation Union (IUCN) has put da turtles to the list of severely threatened species around the globe. In the Convention on International Trade in animal species are endangered (CITES), leatherbacks are also subject to the highest threat.
According to research by IUCN, turtles are among the 5 / 7 species of sea turtles in the world have been in Vietnam is vICH, tortoise, tortoise pineapple, management and the leatherback. All 5 species are classified as endangered in the Red Book and are threatened with extinction.
"Species of turtles lay fewer children, so if some die, some born more modest then, this species will soon disappear. The computer model showed that the population of leatherbacks in the Atlantic will fall, like the fate of the leatherback in the Pacific or even worse than that ", WWF warns.

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