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Ministry of Finance to work with Congress on the personal income tax

In addition, the Finance Ministry is also considering proposing tax breaks for some object wage income in a level, income, up to 9 million (in case no dependents).

Under the plan, at this meeting, the Finance Ministry will continue to propose tax exemption and reduction for some subjects to overcome difficulties in the context of commodity prices much higher, affecting a part of wage earners.
This plan was submitted to Government for consideration in regular session in March last, but not timely submitted to the National Assembly.
Am 6 / 5, led the Ministry of Finance will work with the Finance Committee of Congress on budget issues related to the reduction plan and the obstacles in the process of implementing the Law on Personal Income Tax.
In particular, the Ministry of Finance will report to the Finance Committee budget plan for tax exemption for three subjects, including single individuals with incomes of between 5 million a month or less; taxpayer has a dependent who has income of 6.6 million a month or less and the taxpayer with two dependents earning 8.2 million a month or less. If the National Assembly in session in July to every person on the subjects expected to be exempt up to 50,000 dong a month.
In addition, the Finance Ministry is also consulting the industry on plans relating to support for a number of subjects, including workers and employees working in enterprises, the armed forces, the pension, poor households, to overcome difficulties amid rising prices. In particular, the maximum level of support for employees is 250,000 dong each. This amount can not be used to pay out social security, health, unemployment or union funds.
Earlier, Finance Minister Vu Van Ninh said that in addition to tax exemptions for salaried workers, personal income in a level of tariffs, the Finance Ministry is also considering tax exemptions for capital investments, trading securities ...

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